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Design Consultation

This hour long meeting helps us determine your garden needs and aesthetic. How will you use the garden? What is the scope of the project? What plants would you prefer? 



The Spruce-Up is our designation for small projects. This entails a plant list, and our ordering and installing the plants is optional. This package doesn't include design materials (drawings, perspectives). The Spruce-Up is ideal for a mature garden that needs a little help.


Full design

The Full Design process begins with the Design Consultation, followed by two to three Concept Designs, and finally, the Master Plan, Planting Plan, Planting Schedule, Plant Sheets and Hardscape Dimensions. We can do smaller installations, and we will contract out for larger projects.




For the amateur gardeners and experienced gardeners who would like some expert advice, we can come to your garden to teach you best practices for maintaining your plants.


Quarterly Maintenance

Our gardeners will visit your garden every three months to prune shrubs, small trees and perennials, fertilize, check your irrigation and repair it if needed, and to generally improve the health and aesthetics of your garden.

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